Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome back! RES

Welcome back RES community!
Things in the Art Room are being unpacked and spruced up for the year. Look, a new sign will greet you.
Every teacher prepares for students by using spray paint to enhance the space, right?
 Everything about the beginning of a new year is exciting, and brings out my inner child- the newly sharpened pencils, the fresh markers, the pointy crayons, the piles of drawing paper awaiting a young artist to transform it.
Oh, the things these will draw!  I can't wait to see it all.
Back-to-school preparations are also like a big holiday, a sort of birthday celebration to all the RES artists, only I open the gift boxes for them.  Box after box...

Yarn, rhinestones, spray paint, and more.

After box...

Glue sticks and markers and tape, oh my!

...of potential!  SO much potential. That is the most wondrous part of getting ready.  What will my students think of this year?  What will they create? What will they teach me?  I can't wait!

Did you or your family make something wonderful this summer?  Please share with me a project you discovered or loved doing.

See you soon!

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