Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bubble Painting and a Recipe- RES

Bubble painting our sketchbook covers in Art class!

Want to try this fun project at home?
First, make up some containers of bubble paint.

Most any wide-top, deep container will do, I have used empty plastic yogurt quarts here.
Mix the following things in the container: 
1/4c. Tempera paint (vibrant, dark colors work best)
3T. dish soap (Dawn works well here for strong bubble surface tension)
1c. water
Stir well, and find a straw!
Folding paper in half for the book cover.
We practice blowing air out a straw. Taking half of a minute to do that is very worthwhile.  I am pleased to say that no one ended up with paint in his or her mouth.
The soapy mixture bubbles right up.

When the bubble have risen above the edge of the container, gently press a paper down onto them.

And look what happens:  A bubble print!

Repeat a few times:

Now try a few more colors. They are transparent, so each colors layer will show through from underneath.

This is what they look like dry. So cool! Great for book arts, collages, and wrapping paper.

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