Monday, December 8, 2014

Unicorn Graffiti- RES

Due to the fact that I am not in the RES Art room on Thursdays and Fridays, other groups use it those days, and sometimes I get Monday Morning Surprises.

Here was today's:
Unicorn graffiti.

You know that the youth are getting a little rambunctious when they are scrawling UNICORNS all over my white board while I am away.  What I am really hoping is that this is the universal answer to the critique question above it.  So the next time a youngster asks a peer "What can I add, change, or improve about my artwork?", that the peer will answer, without hesitation, "Unicorns."

As in, "Nice beach landscape.  But maybe you should add UNICORNS."
I think this could be the beginning of world peace, right here at RES, because I am certain that we can all agree that unicorns improve everything.  Waterfalls are nice, but waterfalls with unicorns?

Thanks for this one Reddit. Nice work.
Sugar cookies? Meh. I might say I prefer chocolate chip. 

Not too inspiring.
UNICORN sugar cookies? Well, yes, of course I would like one.
When international diplomats are meeting to discuss world issues, they might want to consider showing up with a tray of these. 

I wonder, if you eat them, do you become magical too?
So, thank you, wise graffiti artist!
May there be many unicorns in your future.

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  1. I love this post! Thanks for making me smile today!