Monday, January 26, 2015

New Group Work and Volunteers Needed! RES

When students are finished with a project, they have many choices about what to do with their time.  There will be more to come about that in another post (soon, I promise!), as it is the perennial challenge of art teachers to support the many different working paces of our artists. In the meanwhile, I thought I might share one of the projects students in that situation just completed.

Group Mural!
This project, done over the last few weeks, is the collaboration of first, second, and third graders who finished early. The intent was to create a fun optical effect, and offer a way for artists of different abilities to work together toward a common vision. Artists used markers and Sharpies to create the work.

Next time you visit RES, pop into the Art Room to check it out in person. Students are very proud.

Coming up soon are arts events for which I would LOVE to have parent volunteers! 

The grades 1 and 2 Art Night is scheduled for February 11, followed shortly by the Richmond Library display in March. Please contact Mrs. Elliott if you are able to help!  Any amount of time you can give in preparation for those shows would be very welcome.

Thank You!

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