Monday, February 1, 2016

Kindergarten Playground Engineers- EES

 Kindergarten artists learned about the basics of designing a model for a bigger idea.

Here, students have used paper and glue to create a model of their fantasy playgrounds!  

Beyond all of the waterslides, trampolines, rollercoasters, and lava pits, students learned a few engineering basics.

Because sometimes an idea is great, but the design won’t work. Things fall over, and springs aren't always so springy.  

That means these artists have redesigned aspects of their structures to address technical problems when things are not working, or have drawn up totally new plans.

But here was the coolest part- I have never, ever before had Kinders so totally engaged with any sort of paper sculpture. The idea that they had total design freedom, and that they could create any sort of playground fantasy through their work, was totally magical for them. Look at their focused faces!

They were also totally engrossed in meaningful art talk. This is hard at any grade level, and chatter usually steers quickly towards social and friendly topics, but these engineers were all business. Conversation among one another sounded like this:

I like your trampoline. How did you make it?

Did you see my slide? It ends in a river, and you can get into a boat to go back to the stairs.

How do I make a tunnel out of paper?

My rollercoaster goes over a hot lava pit so it's extra scary and dangerous. (Kids. Always with the lava!)

Teachers commented how their students were never more excited and talkative after art about a project than with this one.  To see why, check out these finished beauties!

Jump off the trampoline to waterslide into a lake, and come back from the water via rollercoaster.
Or just try the monkey bars out!
The long green rollercoaster goes over a stream, and then goes through water part of the way (the blue section, obviously!)
Hot and cold!
Purple wiggle bridge over a hot lava pit, and a couple tricky climbers (in white) made of ice.
If you come to Art Night on this coming Wednesday, February 3, you will get to see all of these beauties in person, and you can chat with the engineers themselves.  It starts at 5:45p.m., hope to see you there!
Those loops? For death-defying bike tricks.  Of course.

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