Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fine Arts Night Success!

On April 7, Edmunds Elementary School hosted its annual Fine Arts Night for grades 3 through 5 students. Fine Arts Night is unique in Burlington School District to Edmunds Elementary, and celebrates both the artistic and musical achievements of the whole student body. 

Lots of families and loved ones came to support our artful students!

Over 500 artworks were on display, including abstract paintings, 

5th grade abstract paintings

recycled paper journals, 

still-life pastels, 

Pastel fruit and vegetable still-lifes
origami relief paper sculptures, 

Radial symmetry in origami relief
amazing self-portraits, and sumi-e ink paintings accompanied by haiku poetry. 

3rd grade portraits

Fourth graders loved the opportunity to use a drill, saw, and other woodworking tools to build creative kinetic sculptures in a challenging medium.

Music teacher Betsy Nolan conducted EES music students in amazing performances of both classic folk and modern pop songs.  Students provided all of the instrumental accompaniment to the singing on xylophones, ukuleles, recorders, and various additional percussive instruments. You can also visit her music page if you missed the show, and you can watch the whole thing!

Grade 4 music students
Performance and show of work are curriculum standards across both music and visual art, and students did an outstanding job meeting those learning goals. Listen to the grade three students play Sweet Chariot! Betsy is a marvel!

The evening ended with nearly 150 grade 3 though 5 students performing a joyful rendition of Uptown Funk to raucous applause!

Bringing the Funk.
For real. The students are not doing karaoke here, they play all the instrumentals. Watch this!

Thank you to our supportive families and friends, and to all the amazing, artful students!

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