Monday, June 6, 2016

Crazy Colors Lidded Coil Pots

This year I have really missed teaching sans kiln.  Kids love clay so much, and it's a material that offers so many benefits to strength and fine motor skills.  I can offer airdry clay and tons of play-dough, but the working properties are quite different. Throwing on the wheel at BCA is also super fun, but what I would really like to focus on more is clay handbuilding in the lower grades.

These gorgeous, vivid vessels were made by grade 2
The work above is made from Model Magic air-dry clay, which comes in both primary and neon colors, which yield a rainbow of exciting hues when mixed.  No glaze needed for color, but also not food safe since they are not actually ceramic.

The cost of airdry clay is no joke, either. While a 50lb box of clay costs around $17, a 2lb tub of Model Magic goes for about the same price. Once a clay program is in place, the costs of running it are quite manageable.

News which took me by surprise last month is that BCA is moving their art studios out of downtown before the end of the year, due to structural safety concerns and construction at Memorial Auditorium.

If you are thinking that it sounds like a good time for EES to get a kiln, stay tuned!       
I am brainstorming ideas to fundraise next year for one of EES' very own. 

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