Sunday, November 23, 2014

An Art Teacher on the Weekend

Of course I cannot speak for anyone in professions other than my own, but I do wonder if accountants spend their weekends thinking about and doing math the way that art teachers spend their spare moments thinking about and making art.
Driftwood piece, about 4" high.
Fortunately for me, my home in Vermont is surrounded by lots of lovely sights and opportunities for seeing and making artwork. Walking through the park across the street lands me directly at a small and delightful beach on Lake Champlain.  The sands are often gifted an assortment of driftwood, which people use to build structures large and small.
At the beach
I love to collect interesting objects that wash up and repurpose them for art materials. Thanksgiving is coming, and so begins my annual struggle with holiday centerpieces. Does this happen to you? They are always so big that there is never enough room for them at the table. 

So, in an inspired solution, I collected driftwood (and one birch log) with my kids this morning, and cut them into 3-6" sections.

Ends cut flat and drilled.
After I drilled small holes, I quickly sanded the ends. No splinters, thank you.

Back across the street and into the woods to collect a handful of moss and greens. 
(This is Vermont. Beach+park+moss+evergreen forest in about 1/4sq.mi.)

Poke the ends of clipped greens into branches.
Tiny trees!
At my house they will be clustered together on the table for now, because the holiday isn't here yet. I added a paper flower my son made.

~Art Forest~
And when the tables is inevitably crammed with plates and cups next Thursday (seriously, how do you make room for a centerpiece?), I can scatter them around, one here and there between all of the other stuff. Most versatile centerpiece ever!

What are you feeling thankful for today?  Personally, I am feeling especially thankful for where I live, and that there is such beauty around me.  And for Sundays- I am always grateful for Sundays.

Rather wintery.  Maybe I'll paint the ends shades of orange and red?

Have a Happy and Thankful holiday this week! 


  1. I think I'm becoming your blog-stalker. Anyhow, I just discovered that you are in neighboring Vermont! I'm in NY, the Lake George region. Howdy, neighbor!

    1. Ooh, Lake George is lovely! And by the way, I think it is marvelous how blogging brings educators together. Art teachers live in such insular worlds, usually the only on in our school (or two schools, or even three... such tiny VT schools) that it makes the world seem happily smaller to be online!