Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Artists- RES

Recently I have been thinking about all of the ways that RES artists create outside of art class.  

When Halloween was around the corner, I asked my students to tell me about anything that they were making for the holiday. Sometimes I worry this holiday built on fun and creativity is getting, well, a little too easy. It's much simpler to buy a costume than to pull out the sewing machine and glue gun.  And the mass-marketing of costumes that are both truly cool and affordable has made it easier to skip going DIY.

So, are parents and kids at RES still making their own? As it turns out, yes!

Commander Cody clone trooper costume
This artist helped design and add details to his costume's helmet, which is made out of paper and cardboard. With so many complex angles and details, this is a sculpture !

Cowboy, with awesomely perfect background
This first grade artist worked with his grandmother to create the leather chaps out of leather from old chairs, cutting and sewing them to just the right fit. His told me his vest was "easy!" to make by cutting apart a long-sleeved shirt and adding buttons.
This Snowy Owl will stay warm!
This first grade artist helped plan her owl costume design, as well as to sew and glue the dress and wings. She made the eyes all on her own onto a hat that must have helped keep her cozy during the chill of trick-or-treating.
Rainbow Fish!
 With a nod to author and illustrator Marcus Pfister, this first grader and her mother created a costume from his wonderful book, the Rainbow Fish.

A close-up from the book's illustrations
Making the headband
This young artist and her mother sewed layers and layers of felt to create this cozy and colorful creation!

Seamstresses at work!
Everything about this picture above is great. The art, the colors, the smiles... and, my favorite part, the passing along of an awesome life-skill to the next generation.  Nice work!

This student was a pilot for Halloween, and created an amazing plane to wear as part of his costume. The trouble seemed to be that his plane was wider than most doorways and stairways, so trick-or-treating had to happen without the plane.

But just check it out- turning a cardboard box into a costume, complete with the camouflage-  a very impressive use of his skills!
A box is always a good starting point.
This third grade student also began with a box, and turned herself into a box of Nerds candy.

Love to see this artist in action
Cut a hole for the head, add layers of paint...

Print, cut out, and paste the classic Nerds characters...

The face paint! The wig! Gah!
My students astound me. Hilarious!  That is one impressively revamped box.

But wait, Mrs. Elliott, there might be more! I am certain there are. Students have described the vampire cloaks and box trolls they made, so send along a photo. If your student artist helped make his or her fabulous and homemade costume, and you would like to share how he or she uses art skills at home, please email it to me.

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