Tuesday, September 22, 2015

An Artist Visits! EES

People love a good show-and-tell, and the appeal doesn't end as you grow up.  It's a pleasure to hear from people who have something to show that they love, especially when that something is handmade. Hearing about the process is the best part.

   There will be more info available at Open House Night here at EES, but I love encourage families with artistic habits to come share those with their student's class during art. The intention is to be a 10-15 minute show-and-tell of artwork by a hobbyist, professional, or newbie who would like to tell his or her child's class how he or she uses art-making in their lives.

   Are you a graphic designer, quilter, painter, or woodworker?  Do you make jewelry or knit scarves? Send me an email, I would love to have you do an artist visit to the EES art room.  It's a wonderful way for students to see how people carry forward making things with their hands into their adult lives.
Our first visiting artist, Christine Pecsenyicki!
   Today in grade four we had our first visiting artist, a painter and mom named Christine Pecsenyicki.  She brought in an oil painting that she created based on a photograph she took at Shelburne Farms.  Students had lots of questions right away, and noticed many wonderful details.

Look at that frame!  Students learned that it is made from old fence posts!
   Christine likes to paint animals, and works from photographs that she takes herself.  She told students that she worked on it for about two hours each day for two months. The description of how she works in layers really wowed the students, beginning with her farthest back dark tones and gradually building up a lighter surface. The realism of the hay, in particular, fascinated fourth graders.

   Starting next week, you can go see a show of her work, including this painting, at April Cornell on the Burlington Waterfront.  If you would like to visit your child's art class and share something wonderful that you made, please let me know!

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