Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The First Week! EES

Come on in to EES and see the artwork!  Already, EES artists have been very busy.  On the first day of art, each student received a quarter of a circle to decorate in a monochromatic palette, however they wanted. The result is this mural of full circles created by each small artwork, covering a wall so big that I couldn't photograph all of it at once!

Ta-da!  The first artwork of the 2015-16 school year.
This artwork highlights what a community can do when everyone works together and contributes a small part. Each small part is so beautiful that it is nice to see some closer up:

Made by students working with only shades of red, these artworks used marker, colored pencil, oil pastel, crayon, and chalk pastel.

To transition the mural from color to color, some artists used analogous colors such as yellow and orange.

The best part was experimenting with all of the different materials, and really experiencing the freedom that comes from so many choices.  The chalk pastels, in particular, were a hit- it's always fun to get your hands so colorful right away!

Look at that beautiful hand!

During the second art class, classes in grades 1-5 began creating covers for the sketchbooks they will use this year for free draw time when a project is completed early. We have been bubble painting our covers.
Bubble, bubble...pop!
Artists use a straw to blow into the paint and soap mixture, which foams up until it is high enough to print onto the paper.  The results are always varied and gorgeous.

The transparency of the color allows the paints to layer beautifully, and looks luminous.

These covers are used to create our sketchbooks, which some classes have begun to bind. 

 Interior pages are mostly blank, to allow for an artist to explore his or her own ideas:

The books also include several mandalas students can relax and color:

  It's been a wonderful, messy, fast-paced first week. I am so glad to join your school!

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