Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hello Edmunds Elementary!

Well, hello Edmunds Elementary!  What a pleasure and whirlwind to join your school, with all of the jitters and excitement of a new year. 

The art room is in the same place post-construction, but it looks totally different inside!  Initially, when I got in on Thursday, this was the art room.

Not gorgeous yet, but look at those shiny floors!
And this is how my office looked...

Um, how do I get in?

Yipes.  Well, fortunately the Property Services department in Burlington School District hires actual superheroes, who came in and moved things around for me, like this:

Because, those tables that take three people to move?  No big deal...

They even have costumes (well, uniforms!) so if you see someone in that steely blue shirt, please say thank you, they magically turned a construction site into a school in a matter of days.  Magic, I tell you.

With their help, and a lot of time over the last few days, (time is the greatest challenge, there never seems to be enough- enough to prepare, enough to plan, enough for the kids to complete their tasks.  The hours, classes, days, weeks, and years in elementary school seem to fly by) the EES art room looks like this now:

Please feel free to pop in sometime and introduce yourself, I look forward to meeting your family!

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