Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Embroidered Pillows

Students have loved this embroidering and sewing project. They are so proud of their work!

This project began with students embroidering a design on fabric using large, blunt needles and embroidery floss.
Photo credit: Fritz Senftleber  
Gratefully, the art room proudly owns a whole class set of embroidery hoops now. Students could choose any design that appealed to them, and sketched it on the back of the fabric. 

Sewing has to be about the most therapeutic thing in the art room. It is like a form a meditation. Students become so immersed in the stitching, and really have to give it all of their attention, and the room just quiets naturally.
Photo credit: Fritz Senftleber 
It also brings students an huge sense of accomplishment that they have finished making a tangible, usable object for their homes.
Photo credit: Fritz Senftleber  
Some students even brought in sewing projects they are working on at home, and many students spoke about the members of their family who sew. Several students identified how the skills learned in sewing something like a pillow would be useful to know in practical matters like fixing clothes.

After the embroidery was finished, the fabric was pinned inside out and two edges were sewn with a running stitch.
Photo credit: Fritz Senftleber  
The fabric was flipped right side out, stuffed with pillow fluff, and pinned again so that students could finish the side with a whip stitch.

 Adding buttons, bows, or both was optional. Some artists pulled the buttons tightly to tuft their pillows.

These second grade artists really amazed me. Handstitching is no easy task to master, and necessary to learn before graduating to a sewing machine. Even with a sewing machine there are times things must be handstitched. Learning knots to secure thread to the fabric and to do a basic running stitch are the first steps!

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