Friday, January 5, 2018

Papier-Mâché Birds

Third and fourth mixed-grade classrooms have just finished making sculptures of birds.

Students looked at examples of work and discussed how sculptors use a mix of visual and tactile textures with different media to create their finished work.

Using newsprint, wire, and masking tape, students created armatures.  Some students added beaks and wings with cardboard.

Students brainstormed bird species, and chose the type of bird that was of interest to them to sculpt.

Some students took a creative, imaginary direction (like the skier above), while others chose to reference source materials and Audobon paintings.

Artists chose to have their birds variously on pedestals, in nests, or hung from wire in flight.

Students who created pedestals used a drill to create holes in which the wire legs were installed.

Some students used the pedestals as a true setting for their birds, turning them into grassy fields, snow covered peaks, or sparkling icy glaciers.

Perhaps it's the time of year, but penguins were enormously popular!

These birds will be on display at EES at our upcoming February 15th Fine Arts Night! Don't miss it!

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