Monday, January 8, 2018

Stunning Fifth Grade Paper Circuits!

Blink, blink!

Fifth grade students in Mr. Style's class are finishing up a project on paper circuits. 

These artists began by making a sculpture or painting on cardboard, keeping in mind the plan that one or two areas of the image would be illuminated.

Theme was wide open, although children love the seasons and many were wintery or tied to holiday-inspired.
This student selected RGB LEDs, which change color when they are on
The students used LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), copper tape, and a button cell battery to create parallel and simple circuits. Students learned to solder to make permanent connections between the components.

Students used cardboard and making tape to make pressure switches, so that they lights would be on when a cardboard button is pressed, and would turn off when the button is released. This is achieved because the pressure closes the circuit when a piece of copper tape makes contact with the battery. The button for the switch could be any part of the picture; below the lollipop is pressed to light up the gingerbread man's buttons.

These artworks will be on display at our February 15 Arts Night for grades 3-5. Don't miss it!

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