Monday, October 19, 2015

How I get to school! EES

Kindergarten artists are pretty much unsurpassed for their ability to illustrate surrealistic takes on the world, vivid experiences, and visual surprises.  Pardon my sense of humor while I celebrate the hilarity that is the art of this age group.

I asked Kindergarten artists to show me how they get to school each day.  They could also show me what they saw on their way.  Using accurate colors and drawing details was emphasized.

"I walk."
Without clothes?!  Isn't it getting a mite cold?

"I drive to school."
 That family has a lot of trust that their five-year old will not hit the neighbor's chickens on her way.

"I scoot to school."
With no hands on the handlebars?!  These kids are such stunt devils!

"I come in a car."
Me: Tell me about these green shapes.
Artist: Those are the mountains we drive over to get to school!
Well, it is the hill section of town.

"I come in a car."
In all seriousness, I love how they have been responding to art prompts with such originality, energy, and enthusiasm.
"I drive in a car."
The level of detail is astonishing. Look at all of those trees and hills the artist sees when he is coming to school each day.  Love that sun just coming up.

"I walk to school."
These artists are so happy it's a bit contagious. How could you not love such a smiley face flying towards his school building?

 Kinders did an amazing job of showing their experiences not as they really are of course, but as they experience that travel.

Hence, the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance: 

"I ride the bus."
Yup, you sure do kiddo. 
And that is exactly what it feels like.

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