Friday, October 2, 2015

Thanks, Burton! EES

    One of the perks of living and teaching in Vermont is that I live near lots of greenspace and mountains.  And with mountains come snowboarders, who stock up on all of their cool gear locally from our Burton store nearby.

Burton's flagship store in Burlington
     Burton generously gives local art teachers their leftover fabric samples each year.  The creative gears are churning in my brain thanks to this amazing fabric donation that just arrived to the art room. Check it out:

Boom.  A yard + of each. 
   This is a picture of part of the donation.  What?! So much fabric, in all sorts of textures, materials, and prints.  It has been really fun to sort through it all.

What should we make?  There are not any sewing machines in the classroom, but I do have lots of hand-sewing supplies.  I have some ideas (excited to make some super cool pillows!), but if you have a great idea to share, please do!


The Edmunds Elementary Art Room

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