Friday, October 23, 2015

Kindergarten Carpet Choices- Impromptu Marching Band! EES

When Kindergarten artists are done with class projects in the art room, they often have some extra time to explore materials.
Artist explains how he explored different types of line in warm and cool colors.
During this time, students make a carpet choice.  I have some of the same materials students of mine have used and loved for years, such as pattern blocks,

Cooperative building project
and mini whiteboards,

Look at those mountains!
but this year I also have wooden blocks!  It's really exciting to me, because I have long loved how students can build and experiment with physics using blocks. But the creativity of Kindergarteners never ceases to amaze me, because today most of the block builders suddenly began an impromptu marching band around the classroom.

The video below shows our carpet choice time today in action. Listen to them keep a beat!

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