Monday, November 12, 2018

Ink and Watercolor Flowers

Artists in 2nd grade used ink bottles and watercolor to draw and paint vases of flowers on very large paper, 18" x24".

Students experimented with shape and composition. Some students chose to keep all of their flowers visible within the composition, while others chose to let the flowers crop off the edges of the paper, suggesting a bigger scene than the viewer can see.

 Students looked at example vase shapes, and imagined the different lines they might use to make them. Some were rounded, others squared, and some had fancy curlicues.

  Artists could choose to explore pattern in their artwork; the vase, the background, and the surface provided space for that experimentation with visual repetition.

 The work was painted in liquid watercolors. Students were reviewing their knowledge of warm and cool color families, and made the backgrounds cool to help the foreground flowers pop forward visually.

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