Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Art Teacher on a Snow Day- Take Two!

Oh, snow days, you are such a little gift. 

My kids can stay in their pajamas.
We can go sledding and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows afterward.

I can craft.

Applicious and dinotastic

It's the little things, like time to make my boys new lunch bags, that make me really happy on a snow day. That, and not having to drive anywhere. As I have mentioned before, unanticipated time off means (to me) extra time to make wonderful things.  

Recently a student asked me a sweet question: 
Student: How did you get to be so good at art, Mrs. Elliott?
Me: Well, I practice a lot.  I make things every day.
Student: Even at home?!
Me: (Laughing) Yes, even at home!

In fact, I really look forward to it.  Working on art projects at home gives me ideas for things to do at school, and then working with students gives me more ideas for things to work on at home.

A colored pencil work of mine.
It's a wonderful cycle of creativity, and I don't think I could do either- be an art teacher or be an artist- without the other to inform and inspire the work. 

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