Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finger Puppets- RES

Stop me if you have heard this one before:

A duck, a rock star, a turtle, and two fancy cats walk into an art room...
Oh, you know that one?

An owl and a cyclops walk into an art room....
That one too?

Okay, well here is one you have surely never heard:  A business elephant, a troll, a fairy, a chef, Santa, and a handsome monster walk into an art room.  And they created a play!  Because they are finger puppets, silly.

Over the last several weeks, third graders have carefully crafted clay heads, fabric bodies, and glittery, buttoned-up, bespectacled little masterpieces, and are in the process of collaborating to create stories involving their different characters. Before they began work in clay, artists used a short character development form I created to assist with the process of  developing personality, abilities, and the appearance of their characters.

The stories are beginning to take shape, and students will be using iPads to record their performances. Stay tuned for videos of their theatrics in March!

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