Wednesday, February 11, 2015

But, It's Art Night! RES

 I will begin with the quick Public Service announcement that tonight is the Concert and Art Night at RES for grades 1 and 2!  The Art Show begins at 6pm in the library and K-2 wing, followed by the concert next door at CHMS at 6:45. 

Now, this is where I would typically say, "I hope to see you there!" because 1. I love Art Night, from the bottom of my heart, and thus 2. What kind of nut would miss Art Night?!  Hearing students talk about their process, challenges, and triumphs to the throngs of wonderful family members and friends who attend is one of the highlights of my year.

Thanks for helping me express myself.
As it turns out, I am more than a smidgen snuffly, and have been taken over by this cough/laryngitis thing.  If you, like me, are a talker at heart, you'll know this is awful, because I have a lot to say and wish I were there to tell you.

How can I tell you about your child's year in art? How can I tell you about her amazing flexible thinking, or his incredibly observant attention to detail? Or how he always pushes in his peers' chairs?  Or how she carefully notices and gathers tiny handfuls of forgotten and scattered beads from the far reaches of the classroom and puts them back into our jar?

Your children are incredible, and I am blessed to be their art teacher. Thank you for sharing them with me each week in class, and thank you for coming to Art Night- I am truly so sorry not to be there. 

One more thing- pottery (clay leaves and coil pots) can go home tonight with students, as well as grade 1's dream catchers.  Sweet dreams!

If you take some pictures, please email them to me, I will love to post them here on the blog!

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