Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bright Link! RES

It takes me a while to move into the modern age, but with amazing and supportive help from our tech guru Jed Carini and building custodian Rick Hamilton, the art room is a step closer!

A interactive, digital whiteboard on my whiteboard.  Whoa.
While I have always had a projector, it has been across the room from the screen instead of ceiling mounted, so most of my presentations look like this:

Oh, you wanted to ask something? Sorry Mona Lisa.
Whenever a child raised a hand, their shadow jumped across the screen. Now, while that was great for teaching about light source and shadow, it was not so great when we wanted, you know, to see the image. But with it on the ceiling now, no more!  Phew.

Instead, we can now digitally color her face! It's all giggles in here now.
(Give me a new toy and...I'm sorry!  Couldn't help myself.  Doesn't she look great?)

In truth, it will be wonderfully useful. You can see textures from far away and can manipulate images during presentations.  And I am learning new things to do with it- it's not just a projector anymore.  We can go on field trips virtually, do large-scale demonstrations, and unlike a dry erase marker, it never runs dry and doesn't smell.  We'll be able to diagram pictures and share our work for critique in a size everyone can see.  

If you have done or seen a wonderful way to use an interactive whiteboard, please share it with me!

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