Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Eggs And Related SuperFun!

My favorite holidays include crafting, which is why Halloween is tops, but Easter comes in close behind. Of course, holidays are just an excuse for me to be messy- my home is almost always stained and spattered anyway. (Note last photo in this post... not exactly ready for a showing.)
Eggs made this morning by my little family
We use vegetables and spices for coloring our eggs, but any conventional egg dye kit would be perfect. This is no science, and there are a million Martha Stewart and Pinterest egg techniques that trump mine aesthetically.

But one of the best parts of dying Easter eggs is that when it is over, you still have cups of dye. 
Stop! Don't pour that dye down the drain!
Why should the fun stop here?
Add a tablespoon of dishsoap to each cup.
Use a straw to stir it in.
Now, blow bubbles in the dye!

Press plain paper on top of the bubbles, then lift.

Continue blowing bubbles and printing your papers.  

You can use regular computer paper, or if you want to get fancy, use nice heavyweight stationary paper. These papers can be used for making cards, for collage papers, or wrapping up little gifties.

And naturally, they match our eggs!
Just when he thought that the fun was over, my hubs asked me if he could clean up.  
Um, no. 
The kids will be cleaning this one up.  To a sparkle, no less, and with shrieks of delight as well.

Yikes.  Turmeric stains, beet stains...
Squirt some shaving cream on there, add a few toy cars, and your clean-up volunteers will come running.

Have a messy and fabulously artful weekend!

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