Saturday, April 11, 2015

You Are Reading This?!

The other day it sort of hit me over the head. 
People are really looking at the art shared here and are reading what I am am writing. 
Calder Stabiles
 Now, that is rather humbling.  That seems to me, anyway, a lot for a blog about art in schools in the northern part of a rural state.  All this blog is doing is sharing about the marvelous art made by a few hundred marvelous kids.   But let me clear, I don't want to blow things out of proportion- I am no
über-blogger, reaching hundreds of views per hour. 

Grade 4 Stabile, close-up.  It spins beautifully as well.
Au contraire, this blog is small potatoes, and has to potential to be lost in all the noise, hubbub, and drama of the internet ether. But what is amazing here is that in the ten months since it began, it has been visited thousands of time.

Grade 3 Spirit Animal Medallions
Visited by you, actually, as well as others who also care about what Vermont children are learning, doing, seeing, and making in art class.

Maybe you come because I teach a child you love.
Maybe you come because I work with you, or you know me some other way.
Maybe you are reading this because you wonder how your tax dollars are being spent.
Maybe you are here for a project idea to teach children or students of your own.

I wondered if you might wonder why I am here?

Abstract paintings, ages 6-8
I want for you to know a few things about art, because maybe you question its benefit to children's learning, to society, or to your wallet.

Art is making tons of mistakes you can't fix and learning how to work with them.
Art is the simple pleasure of creating something.
Art sharpens thinking and teaches how to ask questions.
Art helps students succeed in school.
Art unites people of different cultures and languages.
Art gives children the ability to speak when they have no words.
Art saves people from themselves. (Including me. I can only hope that my teaching art-looking, art-making, and creative problem-solving to children does as much for them as it does for me as their teacher.)
Wayne Thiebaud-inspired paper collage
So, that's why. Thanks for coming.  My students are little wonders, eager to share their thinking, game to try anything, challenging me to think in new ways each day, and really quite proud of the work they do.  Keep visiting us!

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