Friday, May 29, 2015

A Rainbow In Our Classroom! RES

This week I welcomed a class into the art room, and when they sat down, this is what I saw.

So vivid!
Ooooooh, I said.  So. Much. COLOR!
Naturally, I did what I always do when there's so much color.  Organize those colors into rainbow order.
Autumn is excruciatingly beautiful, and a little disorganized.  So I help it out.
 It's my own little obsession.  You'd never know it looking around the art room, but I love, love to arrange things into rainbows when there's a minute.  Books on a shelf, leaves on the forest floor, rocks on a beach.
At Rock Point

So, my third graders asked me, do you really do that?

On Lake Champlain

Yup, I admitted. As often as possible.

Tomatoes readied for canning.
  Before I could continue class, before anything else could happen, I had to see it.

Go for it kids! 

Ms. Darby's class!
Look at that amazing living rainbow of children! Aren't they beautiful?!
  I had to stop myself from organizing them into a color wheel.

So much beauty in the world around us when we stop to look for it.  If you (or your marvelous children!) find or make a rainbow this weekend, share it with me and I will add it to our blog!

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