Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pretty-messy - RES

Second Grade artists are beginning a new lesson this week that uses chalk pastels, and they are totally smitten.  They asked me this morning to take and share pictures of their hands.

"I think my yellow hand is awesome!"
And why not?  It's pretty-messy.  By which I don't mean, "Wow, that's so messy," although it is that too.  But it's also messy to the point of being a big, beautiful mess.  Pretty-messy.

Pretty-messy, especially with those pink nails.
Kids were lining up to show me- "Mrs. Elliott, take a picture of me! Look at my hands!"

So, here they are sharing their colors with you. In honor of children everywhere that love a good, pretty ol' mess, I hope you have a creative, fun, beautiful, and messy day!

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