Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kindergarten Self Portraits!- RES

Kindergarten self portraits.
What else needs to be said?  Gah!

That face.
 The earnest sweetness of these just slays me, every single time.

Get yourself ready, families, these are framers.  
Kindergartener artists have been working on these for four classes, and it shows!

These paintings are a culmination of a year of learning to mix colors, as well as looking for and drawing familiar shapes.

Their personalities really shine through in these.

Everyone worked very hard to figure out mixing their hair colors. 
When the paint was dry, some students outlined in pencil, others used markers. 

Artists were free to create the backgrounds and clothes however they wanted, keeping in mind the goal of making their self-portrait realistic.

Realism, in the world of a Kindergartener, is a loose term and highly individualized. For some students it might mean Do you have ears yet? while others might be at the point of Include all of the parts of your eyes- iris, pupil, etc.

Most artists chose their favorite color(s) for the background, while others created outdoor settings or used color to make patterns.

 These artists were amazing. Eyes in the middle of their heads, hair not only attached but covering their foreheads.  Eyebrows.  Expressions. They really did it all!

Love, indeed
That little pink shirt sums it up!

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