Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Springtime at the Sewing Table- RES

Back in March, I created a sewing table for the art room. Each month, we are working in different themes that allow artists across all of the school's grade levels to all participate in the activity. April's sewing table theme was "Springtime."

Flowers, grass, and a big ol' sun.
Artists had a terrific time meshing their ideas, adding to or finishing the work of others, and trying new stitches.  We have ended up with this fantastic screen that has no single "right way" from which to view it.

Each month the screen will be removed, and a backing/edging will be added so that it can be displayed in the art room or the hallway. New screen will be added to the table.

Two very different flowers
It has been wonderful to watch these artists help one another thread needles, tie knots, undo tangles, and teach one another sewing basics.  The results are lovely- some artists used tiny, tight stitches while others used long loose lines. Barns, streams, flowers, leaves, and grass come together in the project to showcase the season.

In May, we will focus on architecture, and will attempt to sew a city!  Stay tuned.

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