Friday, October 30, 2015

The Creative and Fabulous Homemade Costumes of EES!

As I have said before, there is no holiday I love like Halloween.
Let's get those art skills people possess into action!
Because everyone heads to work covered in LEDs and acrylic paint, no?
No other date on the calendar so embraces eccentricity, creative thought, and crafting skills.  It was delightful to attend my first Halloween parade today here at Edmunds, and it was so exciting to see the variety of homemade costumes!

 There were lots, and students provided varying levels of input and assistance in the crafting process, from painting and stapling to cutting and sewing. Every costume here was homemade!

This peacock!
A classic ghost
An owl- she cut all of the feather herself!
Another peacock!
 The teachers got into it too!
Gumball machine
Dr. Mathias as Professor McGonagall
The book character Olivia!
A cow!
The solar system!
  Aren't they all outstanding?

The costume that made me laugh out loud was this one- Dark Helmet from Space Balls!  I wondered if any of his peers knew who he was- my brother dressed up as the same character once, but almost thirty years ago!  Love it.

Well done, all! Happy Halloween!


  1. Wonderful! I'm going to try to get the photos I've got into a slide show for the eesblog.