Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bubble bubble pop! RES

My Kindergarteners and I played a game today with numbers, letters, colors, and bubble wrap. Keeping their hands still prior to the start was, by far, the hardest part!

What's the game already?!  I want to pop these!

The game goes like this.  I call a number or letter, they search for it and pop it.  If a color is called, they can pop any number or letter that color.  The first one with all of their bubbles popped wins.

But really, they all win.  Because once someone has finished, they all got to jump up and down on the remaining bubble wrap. And that is definitely a win.

Bubble bubble pop!

 This activity is super for fine motor skills (single finger strength building when they pop a bubble), number, letter, and color recognition, and gross motor skills (jump jump!).

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