Monday, June 9, 2014

Here comes the artwork! RES

Sharing work at the 2014 Spring Art and Music Night
Artwork from all grades will come home this week and next.  
Kindergarteners will be taking home their art books, an annual tradition that amasses all 2D work into a lovely book with project descriptions.  Artists in grades 1-4 will bring home portfolios with all of the 2D work they have created this year. 3D artwork typically goes home on Art and Music Night, but if your family could not attend, sculptures and pottery for those students will go home this week as well.
Wayne Thiebaud-inspired dessert collage, grade 3
      Please take a few minutes with your artist and ask them about the work they have made this year in art. Unsure what to ask? You can never go wrong by saying to a child Tell me about your picture.
Also try:
How did you make this?
Which part do you like best, and why?
What materials did you use?
What part challenged you? 

Still-lifes with apples, grade 3.  Grade 3?! Whoa.
Enjoy all the beauty headed your way!

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