Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You Drive Me Bananas- RES

The most amazing things happen when you least expect it.  Like on the last day of school, in the last class period of the year. 
As I welcomed in Ms. Purvee's first grade class to sit with me on the carpet, they presented me with a gift.  Now, on the last day it's usually the art teacher handing over lots of artwork, so imagine my surprise when they presented me with this.
The Picture, they called it.
It's time to give you The Picture.

Now what, you ask, is that?  It's around TWENTY-SEVEN FEET of artwork, all taped together into a single piece, presented as a scroll for me to unwind.  They tell me they have been working on it all year, whenever they had bits of free time, and anyone in the class could add to it.
It cannot fit into a single camera frame from anywhere in my room. And it shouldn't have to.  It's awesomeness is too big.
Well kids, color me impressed. Especially impressed that an entire class of small children kept this mum all year.  I am so grateful for all this color in the room as those shelves got emptier and emptier from handing back all the artwork.
 It's too great not to show you a few details.
That intricate beauty in middle is apparently the part that started it all.
Different parts by different students. More than half of them took part in this project.
Look at that car and banana. This one stopped me, and I looked at them- Huh?

Get it, Mrs. Elliott? they asked with huge grins. You drive me bananas!

Well geesh, kids!  You drive me bananas too.  In the best, most creative, awesome ways.  Thank you!

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