Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pure sugary joy! RES

In the last week or two of the year, sometimes art class has free choice stations.  Today first graders could go to stations to work in sketchbooks, paint a watercolor resist, create wearable rings, or make edible necklaces.

Rainbows of yum.
So, if you have ever been to first grade, it's not too hard to guess which station you might choose here.  Yes, they are all good, and yes, there were children who chose the first three.  But edible necklaces?  Sold! 

This is the first time I have offered this in the art room.  In general, I steer far, far away from lessons that could be labeled the art-teacher-shaming "Make-and-Take."  Call me suckered by the nostalgia and the sugar, but making edible necklaces really does offer both great fine motor practice and the opportunity to explore lots of patterns.

Upon hearing about this station today, there were several squeals of delight and much clapping.  And frankly, in mid-June, where we are all a little weary, more joy is what we all need.

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