Monday, June 16, 2014

Kindergarten Last Class Stations- RES

On the last day of Kindergarten art class, I have several priorities in mind.  When I talk to myself, it generally goes some thing like this:
Send home all those art books! And then, what? What can they do with forty minutes that won't add to the pile they already need to carry?  Can't make new paintings and drawings... how would they get into the book? 
And then I ask myself the most important question:
How can we fit in the most fun and mess in that amount of time?

Voila! Last Class stations.
Shaving Cream
Now, this is not the kind of art making that parents get to see come home.  No products, just joy. There are no judgements or assessments in shaving cream. There is, however, the chance of getting it in your hair.  And on your face. 
Ta da!
Who doesn't love shaving cream?  Mess that cleans itself and makes you smell good, too. 
Self portrait?
Students could draw in it, squish it, and run texture combs through it.
Thankful for lots of smocks!

The next station was pattern blocks.  Students could build anything- make a pattern, a picture, or lets-see-who-can-build-the-tallest-tower-before-it-crashes.

Getting taller!
Outside students drew with chalk.  The class is working on a sidewalk chalk "quilt," so everyone filled a square with words or pictures.

Finally, students squished, cut, pummeled, and rolled clay at the free play clay station.
Pinch pot pro, folks.


And at the end, of course, these lovelies took home their Kindergarten Art books.  More on those soon! 

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