Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Harvest Festival Bowls

This Saturday is the Harvest Festival!
 Held on October 25, at Monitor Barn, there are lots of fun and educational opportunities, as well as vendors of local treats.

And RES 4th graders think that YOU should go.
That's right. YOU need to go.

And if you do, you would be wise to buy a bowl of soup, because you get to keep the bowl

Oh, you have bowls in your cabinet already? Nice. I am sure Pottery Barn appreciated your business- 
but do you have ONE OF THESE?!

Behold, the soup bowls!
Fourth grade artists have created dozens and dozens of marvelous bowls for the festival, and above are forty-eight of them. Recently on this blog was this post about the bowls in progress, and I am pleased to tell you they are now all finished, freshly washed, and awaiting owners. 

Ooh, check out that radial symmetry.

You can pick one up from 11am-3pm, but I recommend getting there early, they have sold out every year.
 Get 'em while they are hot!

Just kidding. The kiln goes over 1800 degrees, but they are cooled down before use.

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