Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Making Your Own Halloween Costume? RES

Hey RES students! 
Are you (perhaps with parent help) making 
your own Halloween costumes this year?  

 Of so, please email me a photo- I would love to put together a post of homemade RES costumes!   Often in art class I invite students to tell the class about their homemade designs. Halloween is my favorite holiday, because it is all about the art.  Making costumes is challenging and joyful for me.

KidsVT recently featured some cool DIY costumes with how-to tips from local makers, including my son's train costume from last year.

Today I am not at school, but home with a small, sick, and sleepy kiddo. (I miss you Tuesday classes!) The sleepy part means that I have had some time today to work on Halloween costumes.  Here is what I have going:

 Crankbot 2.0
This is my two-year-old's costume, mostly made of felt and buttons, plus a little glitter glue and a repurposed foam clown nose. It's just a little hat and tunic, soft and easy for him to walk in.

Cardboard robot
This robot is made mostly of repurposed materials- spray-painted Amazon and cereal boxes, bottle caps, plastic cups, and clean dryer hose. It is two separate pieces, a body and sort of hat/helmet thing (I avoid masks for safety), and will be worn by my Kindergartener. He helped design it, including this cool keypad for the back with pieces he cut and numbered.

Back of robot

The coolest part is that in the dark, we will turn on and light up the robot head.  It has three RGB LEDs that I wired and my son soldered together. The RGB (Red Green Blue) bulbs change colors, so every few seconds it looks a little different, and helps him be visible while he trick-or-treats.

The kids' are nearly done, so now it's time to brainstorm mine.  Any suggestions?

So RES, what are you making?  Please send along some pictures!

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