Monday, October 13, 2014

Leafy Stop-Motion- RES

My Wednesday third graders are at different places in their work than the rest of the grade, so we were lucky to have enough time for a fun and silly one-day project last week.  Students colored a picture (or two) of leaves on a tree, and I created a stop motion video of all of pictures together using an app that is new to me, iStopMotion.

I have done claymation and dry erase stop motion, but attempting sequential drawings made by different artists was also new to me. Think about a flip book, but a different person doing each page.  Here is what we created:

Now, before you tell me "Hm. Not so hot.", let me tell you, I know. Not everything works in the art room, and I want to share that fact.  Not everything works anywhere. And if this blog is to be a true picture of what I teach and how it goes with kids, it needs to be honest.

I love stop motion, but in reflection, here are some ways it could have worked better:
The group could decide on mutual colors or materials to make it more cohesive-looking.
Small groups or individuals could do their own over several classes to keep work stylistically similar.
The line weight of the sharpie could be thicker, heavier, and more dynamic.
The objects could be larger- the sun is an element that worked well, because it is easier to visually track than the leaves.
It needs music! Or narration?

We'll try it again, because practice makes perfect!

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