Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Simple Book Binding- RES

Third graders are turning their handmade papers into journal covers. 
The materials needed are inexpensive, the process is simple, and the results are beautiful!

Materials: Rubber bands and sticks Tools: Hole punches and paper clips
The first thing I did was fold printer paper in half and use a large hole punch to make the pages that fill the journals.  The students lined up those holes with their handmade paper covers, and punched two holes in both the back and front covers.

Look at how neatly the holes are lined up on that first cover!
The students used paperclip hooks to pull a rubber band through the layers, and slid a stick through the loop.  The used the hook to pull the elastic across the back of the journal, and up through the other hole, and slid the other end of the stick through.
Finished third grade journals
The paper in these journals is blank, and students can use them as they choose. The journals would be wonderful to fill with drawings, poems, or scientific observations!

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